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​​Growing up  my biggest fears were :

-miming games

-the end of  school year play.

I never wanted to be an actor , ever.

I hated "performing"in front of classmates , friends ,parents .... or  anybody for that matter :) 

It was literally my worst  nightmare.

Not to talk about pictures... if anyone would try to take a picture of me when I was a kid/teen I would run like reallyyyy run in the opposite direction. 

One day one  of my teacher suggested me to start taking acting classes to help with my shyness.

It wasn't easy . 

I wanted to quit several times but I never really could .

I fell in love with the craft and above all it set me free. It generated a train of positiveness .

The journey wasn't easy  ( my fellow actors out there know it) but​ being able to play different characters , tell stories and keep learning this craft has been the biggest gift .

Now the question is  : do you think this teacher of mine will chase me for residuals or commissions?

Keep dreaming friends!